Our fair price promise

We believe in open and honest relationships. We offer a fair price on our product, and respect your right to know what your t‑shirt costs to make.

Blank t-shirt: $4.50

Unlike many other brands that use cheaper and lower-quality t‑shirts to maximize profit margins, we use high quality 100% cotton jerseys made by Bella+CanvasĀ®. They are soft, comfortable, and look great on every body type.

Printing, materials and labour: $9.50

Due to the custom "made‑to‑order" nature of our t‑shirts, we cannot use more economical Screen Printing method used by the most t‑shirt brands. They print each design in large quantities and typically use cheaper Plastisol ink.

We use more expensive Direct to Garment technology, and manually prepare each number before printing it with eco‑friendly water‑based ink for great softness and durability.

Packaging and labeling: $2.25

We use basic packaging and labeling materials, so we don't have to compromise the quality of prints and t‑shirts, while keeping the resulting product price reasonable.

Our markup: 35% (industry average: 50%)

Before we put our profit aside, we use the markup money to pay our operating costs (rent, taxes, credit card processing fees, website development and support, web hosting, customer relations, administrative and licensing fees, supplies, accounting and management).

We also use our markup to cover your shipping cost.

Final price: $24.99

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What People Say
I wear number 5 — it reminds me of my family. The idea is very cool — I love to have a shirt with my number on it. The ordering process was smooth and easy.
— Dana ODell @saycreative
I wear number 62 — it's my football number and I want everyone to see it. In the time it took for the shirt to be made and shipped, the wait time was outstanding.
John Sexauer @PowerHouseJohn
I wear number 12 — my twin Adam Oates wore that number with @nhlbruins and it was because of him I met my wife! The number came out very well, and the faded effect around the edges is a nice touch.
Ed Lavalette @edlavalette
I wear number 4 — it's my soccer number & lucky number. All good things connect to that number in some weird way. Big ups to @NumShirt for this amazing shirt! It's one of the most comfortable shirts I now own.
Kylie Austin @kaustinsoccer